Frequently asked questions

Can I use Joomag for Free?

Absolutely! Our Free plan has many great features, including the Professional Online Editor, which can be used to create and enrich publications. And guess what? You may use this account FOREVER!

How to enable/disable PDF dowloading option?

PDF downloading option is disabled by default. To enable the PDF downloading please refer to the following knowledge base article: How to enable PDF downloading

How to remove or change "Powered by Joomag"?

There is no option to remove “Powered by Joomag”. The tiny text at the bottom of the magazine viewer can’t be removed at any level of a paid Plan.

Can I host the magazines on my server?

We host the magazines on our servers.

When I try to login it says my account is not activated. I tried resending the activation but I still have not received any emails. What should I do?

Please add our domain name to the whitelist of your mailing server to ensure the delivery of our emails to you. After that try to resend the activation email once again. If you still experience problems,contact our support department.

How to make magazines viewable on mobile devices?

If you wish your publications to be accessible from all mobile devices and other tablets you need to upgrade your account to at least our Gold package.

Do you support multiple PDF upload?

We do not support multiple PDF uplaod, you need to upload your PDF files one by one.

Can I edit the content of my magazine once I publish it?

You may edit the content of the already published magazine as all the changes are updated automatically.

How to sell single issues?

You just need to set the price on the issue you want to sell and share the link with others.Please refer to the following knowledge base article: How to set the price for the issue

Is it possible to place an animated GIF onto a page in Joomag?

Currently we do not support animated GIF files. It is in our roadmap,so please stay tuned!

Which video formats are supported?

At this moment we support only FLV and F4V video format, but there are many programs in the market which convert from popular video formats to FLV and F4V formats e.g Adobe Media Encoder

How to sell a subscription?

You just need to set the subscription price and the number of issues you want the readers to get. Please refer to the following knowledge base article: How to setup magazine subscription

How do I move, add or delete a page of the publication and the template?

To move, add and delete pages of the magazine please refer to the following knowledge base articles:
How to move pages in the article
How to add pages in the magazine
How to delete pages in the magazine

Why are the pages of the magazine I created from PDF stretched?

The dimensions of the magazine created from PDF file are determined by the largest page of the PDF. So even if one of the pages in the PDF does not match the others, the resulting magazine will have height of tallest page in PDF and width of the widest one and pages will be stretched to fill the whole page space.

I created a PDF with a video, but it does not play after convertion. How do I handle that?

We don't process interactive PDF files at the moment, so any kind of interactive elements, including videos, will be lost after conversion to the Joomag format.

Where are the funds I make from selling my magazines transferred?

If you sell your publications through Joomag the customers pay and this money is accumulated on your account balance. On the last day of each month (or the next business day if the last day is a holiday or weekend) we transfer the money from your account balance to your PayPal account. As we handle all the administration we charge you a transaction fee of 30% of the selling price. Included in this is all the PayPal and exchange rate conversion charges which we settle to keep things as simple as possible for you. The Joomag transaction fee also includes sales tax (VAT) on the Joomag charges. More information can be found here: Selling publications

How can I get an invoice for the payment?

Please refer to the following knowledge base article: How to download an order receipt

Is there a wrap text tool available?

Currently there isn't a wrap text tool available but you may get the same effect wrapping the text around the image manually. Please refer to the following knowledge base article: How to wrap the text around the image manually

How do I allow my readers to order hard copies of our magazines?

Just enable hard copy ordering feature.For detailed info please refer to the following knowledge base article: How to enable ordering of hard copies

Are the publications available offline? If yes, are all of the features available offline, such as images and videos?

At the moment we provide offline reading experience with our native iPad app. Just note please that interactive elements like videos (both youtube and vimeo) will not be active.Please stay tuned as very soon Joomag team is going to release the greatest feature ever: ability to read all your digital magazines OFFLINE.

Where does the info go when reader submits feedback?

Once the reader submits the feedback you receive a notification to the email address you have entered in the “Element Properties” panel in the Editor workspace. Please refer to the following knowledge base article: How to place a feedback form in the magazine

How can I delete my account?

Please contact us for processing your inquiry.

What is the maximum PDF size to upload?

The max PDF file size is 300 MB.

Is there a max number of pages an issue can have?

Files published to Joomag must be less than 1000 pages.

Is the price determined by number of downloads?

Price is for the service provided. Here at Joomag your readers may download PDF version of the magazine as many times as they wish.

How to download the pdf version of the published magazine?

Please refer to the following knowledge base article: How to download a PDF version of the issue

What is the storage space?

Storage is your space where you can keep resources like PDF, video, all materials connected to your magazine.

How to embed the magazine in my website?

Please refer to the following knowledge base article: How to embed the magazine in the website

Do you have accounts for educational puproses?

We provide special plans to educational organizations: Edu Class, Edu School and Edu Campus.If you want to upgrade your account to one of these plans you need to fill in the application form. For detailed info please refer to this page: Joomag Education

Can magazines be bought via iTunes and the Google play store?

Currently we do not provide that kind of service.

How much is to print hard copy?

Please refer to this link to calculate the hard copy price: Hard copy Pricing

How can I enable PDF downloading option?

Please refer to the following knowledge base article: How to enable PDF downloading

Can I pay monthly for a plan?

There are three payment options: monthly, annual and bi-annual. For detailed info please contact our sales department.

How to downgrade my account?

If you want to downgrade your account you should unlink your card from account settings and it will automatically be downgraded to free account at the end of the current billing cycle.

Do you offer an option of white labeling?

We do not provide "White label" option.

We would like to change the username and e-mail address. Would you please explain the procedure or steps?

Please contact us for processing your inquiry.

How can I get a customized address for my publication?

Please refer to the following knowledge base article to retrieve the link to the magazine: Retrieving the link to the magazine

Can readers download the magazine once they've bought it?

If you have enabled PDF downloading option your readers may easily download the PDF version of your publication.

How many magazines can I publish?

There is no limit on the publications you may have.You are free to publish as many magazines as you wish.

What happens to magazines if I cancel my plan? Do people still see the magazines?

If you cancel your account your magazines still remain online but stop being accessible from mobile devices and tablets.

If I download a PDF version of the magazine, it has watermark of Joomag. Can it be removed in the free version?

To remove the watermark of downloaded publication you need to upgrade your account to at least our Silver package.

How to replace a page of the publication created from PDF with another one?

Please refer to the following knowledge base article: How to replace the page of the publication with the PDF

I have accidently removed all my magazines. Is there a way to restore them?

We don't keep backups of standalone accounts and won't be able to restore your magazines. We are sorry for the inconvenience and hope that you'll manage to upload the magazines once again.

What other storage options are available when I need more space?

To increase the storage space you may upgrade your account. Besides there are several storage space packages 5GB, 10GB and 20GB. To upgrade your account and increase the storage space please contact us.