Ernst & Young

By going with Joomag for its e-magazine needs, EMEIA FSO was able to achieve all of its goals and more.

Ernst & Young (EY) is one of the top professional services organizations in the world, and its EMEIA Financial Services Office (FSO) is equally impressive. Driven by its commitment to “build a better working world,” UK-based EMEIA FSO provides crossborder, global client services and offers its employees a wealth of career development opportunities.


While the company’s commitment to helping employees build their careers was highly effective, they realized that they could do more. The company’s various development programs are handled by different departments—that meant that the approach to career development differed from department to department. Moreover, employees weren’t able to seek out new opportunities on their own.

To solve this challenge, EMEIA FSO wanted to create a central online career hub that would provide employees with information about the resources and jobs available at the company. They also wanted a solution that was unique and completely different from what they had done before.

They decided that what they wanted was an online, interactive career e-magazine, which they would call Pathways. Now, they just needed to find the right technology solution for their needs.


EMEIA FSO had three central goals for their publication:

  • To be a simple, user-friendly, and interactive career resource that would help and motivate employees to advance their careers within the company.
  • To present the information in a completely new way. It would be visually stimulating with multimedia contents and have a custom look-and- feel that would ensure continued engagement.
  • To be able to measure its success and the level of engagement with the content created.

To satisfy all of their requirements and more, EMEIA FSO turned to Joomag, an online digital platform that covers the entire lifecycle of a publication, from its creation to its distribution


EMEIA FSO chose Joomag to host Pathways because it is easily navigable and has a simple user interface. They were also dazzled by the fact that Joomag was cost-effective but still provided the quality and tools they wanted to meet all of their goals.

The magazine EMEIA FSA developed using Joomag is beautifully designed. It follows EY brand guidelines while simultaneously pushing the boundaries with its multimedia and interactive elements, such as the text and illustrations that animate as the mouse hovers above them. EY’s branding is evident throughout the digital magazine with the EY yellow contrasting with the black and evoking emotion and the presence of the EY logo throughout the platform. Overall, the e- magazine is both distinctive and cutting edge while also delivering brand consistency for EY.

In creating Pathways, EMEIA FSO took advantage of all of Joomag’s features. They used its Online Editor to make it interactive. They included imagery, infographics, interactive timelines, illustrations, and video on every page to make the content memorable and entertaining. The magazine’s content is crisp and brief, yet includes click-through links for access to extended versions, which are hosted separately on the company’s intranet.

Pathways is both engaging and incredibly easy to use. Its content is divided into four distinct chapters with tabs along the top for easy browsing with a simple mouse click. As they read, browse, and enjoy, users have ready access to a scrolling page bar and a page selection tool for simple navigation and quick references. Moreover, the company was able to embed the e- magazine directly into its intranet, so employees can access the publication immediately without any downloading.

EMEIA FSO also wanted to be able to measure their publication’s success. By going with Joomag, they had access to advanced analytics that offer easy tracking of page views and levels of engagement with the interactive content.


In the end, Pathways exceeded all expectations.

  • Over 50% of EMEIA FSO employees have visited the company’s interactive magazine, and they continue to revisit the tool over and again.
  • Employee feedback has been overwhelmingly positive, and new users claim that the resource is invaluable for their career development.
  • In 2015, Pathways won the Institute of Internal Communication’s (IoIC) “Best Ezine” award.

EMEIA FSO’s award-winning product was powered by the online digital platform, Joomag. By going with Joomag for its e-magazine needs, EMEIA FSO was able to achieve all of its goals and more.


Industry Professional services
Founded 1989
Services Assurance.
Tax Advisory.
Financial Advisory.
Revenue $ 29.6 Billion2016
Employees 231,000