The Better Business Bureau

By Going Joomag, BBB is able to be as innovative as they want to be with their new platform of communication.

For over 100 years, The Better Business Bureau (BBB) has been bringing people and businesses together. BBB strives to find and help honest business practices by connecting them with others in order to create high-integrity, successful harmony. The nonprofit’s objectivity is their most infamous quality and is what makes their services so popular.


The branch serving Alaska, Oregon and Western Washington was established in 1918 and in 2014, the branch alone was asked more than 5 million times for the BBB Business Review on over 264,000 different business and 120,000 charities.

Since the BBB emphasizes community by reaching out to its members through a monthly newsletter, Torch Talk. They were seeking ways to better connect with the members in an engaging online format.


To better connect with members through Torch Talk, they wanted to convert their monthly newsletter from a static email sent through Constant Contact into an interactive online magazine. In order to create the best possible reading experience, BBB is looking to utilize interactive media content, not only for the newsletter, but for creating various marketing pieces, as well.

Currently, Torch Talk has 10,000+ subscribers, a growing number as businesses in the region become accredited. Readership also includes consumers, an audience that BBB has been focusing marketing outreach on. The newsletter contains information for businesses and consumers about numerous topics, varying from different trends, the latest scam alerts, how to choose a trusted business and more.


BBB found Joomag, the digital publishing platform that provides creation and distribution for online, interactive publications.

Interactive content: Joomag supports various sorts of interactive media, such as videos, audio, flash animations, photo galleries and more. By using Joomag’s Online Editor, the BBB can create their own magazine layout from scratch or a template and enrich their publications with interactivity.

Branding: For readers to have a seamless experience, Joomag helped the BBB transitions their readers by providing branding. They were able to keep consistency by displaying their logo on their Joomag publication’s digital platform.

Subscriber management: To continue delivering Torch Talk to their readers, Joomag Awesome CRM allowed them to import their existing clients and deliver customized mass- mailing campaigns to them easily. With a built-in mailing service, not only were they able to customize their mailings but include their magazines in an easy-to- read format.

Advanced Analytics: Having the most comprehensive analytics provided to them about Torch Talk’s audience, allowed the BBB gain more accurate information about their readers through viewership numbers and interactions with the publications.


Industry Non-profit organization
Founded 1912
Services BBB Business Reviews.
Accreditation for Businesses.
Dispute solution services
Revenue $215 Million
Employees 2,500