Warner Brothers Brazil

Living up to its name and with the help of Joomag, WBHE in Brazil channeled its creativity to produce truly inspiring digital content.

Warner Bros. is a leading global entertainment company, producing some of the best in film, television and music that entertain millions around the world. As a global leader, Warner Bros. always is on the lookout to deliver innovative and exciting offers to keep up with a rapidly changing market. For such a market leader, “good” can never be good enough; all work must be outstanding. This philosophy applies to all Warner operations throughout the world.


Warner Bros Home Entertainment (WBHE) in Brazil, a subsidiary that produces home entertainment to consumers, wanted to leverage the best of technology to distribute information to its clients on a monthly basis. Initially, WBHE Brazil was using a paper-formatted magazine, Broadside. However, the publication was expensive to produce and exhausted the monthly budget. A digital format would be the ideal solution; all WBHE Brazil needed was an all-in-one solution to create, distribute, and track the content.


  • Print to digital transition: WBHE in Brazil wanted to convert Broadside to a digital format.
  • Interactive content creation: A new, appealing look for the magazine would be needed in order to engage readers and provide interactivity.
  • Streamlined email marketing: WBHE in Brazil sought to integrate their online content with their email marketing campaigns.
  • Distribution: Broadside would also need to be delivered in an easy, yet engaging and intuitive way.
  • Analytics: And to track its audience’s behavior, WBHE in Brazil would require detailed user-behavior statistics.


WBHE in Brazil found Joomag. As a digital publishing platform, Joomag offers an end-to-end web solution for publishers to create and distribute interactive publications. Its easy-to-use, intuitive online editor delivered a solution to the WBHE Brazil team that went beyond their expectations.

The Joomag platform imbued Broadside with an entirely new look and feel. Yet this was just one improvement. Other key benefits included rich interactivity and the ability for the Brazilian subsidiary to promote new WBHE releases directly from the magazine. And Joomag’s Customer Support team played a major role in the successful digitization and launch of the publication.

The WBHE team in Brazil was easily able to distribute the magazine to readers by conducting a custom email marketing campaign. Joomag’s analytics enabled the team to track the new magazine’s performance.

Vinicius Iwashita, Marketing Coordinator at WBHE Brazil, said, “As a new venture into a new market, Joomag was able to provide the solutions and support needed to help launch our first digital magazine. We couldn’t have done it without their wonderful support.”


With Joomag Warner Brothers was able to launch its first digital magazine and achieve all the set content marketing goals:

  • Thanks to its availability on multiple desktop and mobile devices, the magazine experienced a notable increase in audience reach.
  • Conversion rates were boosted as the publication saw a significant increase in sales-accepted leads.
  • Content engagement numbers peaked, showing increases in unique views and average session durations. Bounce rates decreased.
  • Production costs for the magazine were drastically cut, click rates soared with each subsequent view, and email campaigns were much more effective when paired with Broadside’s distribution schedule.
  • Customers unanimously praised the sleek new design of Broadside, furnishing the online publication with perfect review scores across the board.

When “good enough” is simply not enough, you should do as WBHE in Brazil did: go with Joomag!


Industry Entertainment
Founded 1918
Services Motion Pictures.
Television Programs.
Video Games
Revenue $ 12.992 Billion
Employees 8,000
Website warnerbros.com