SewSew Def

By choosing Joomag, SewSew Def was able to take a typically static format and customize it with digital interactive content to appeal to an audience beyond that of a typical sewing magazine. In their first month, this paid publication was able to gain traction with an international audience.

About the customer

According to Mimi Goodwin, SewSew Def’s Creative Director and Editor in Chief, “SewSew Def Magazine is a multi-cultural fashion sewing magazine for both men and women who are looking to create more on trend garments. The magazine provides fashion, style, and sewing projects along with two printable sewing patterns for menswear and womenswear.”


Sewing magazines are often geared towards an older demographic with experience in sewing and other crafts. SewSew Def was looking to position itself towards Millennials looking to learn about sewing and design. The challenge was to create a sewing magazine that looked more like a fashion magazine. As Goodwin explained, “We created it for the more fashion forward maker and also for millennial looking to learn sewing, design and have a magazine that is reflective of that generation.”


  • Going digital: “We like things fast, at our fingertips,” said Goodwin. “The generation we target is all about digital media so it just made sense to provide that option.” This isn’t just about distribution, but content creation as well. SewSew Def needed an all-in-one solution that would allow them to create, manage, control, and distribute their content.
  • Expanding to new audiences: “There was a lack of sewing magazines that looked and felt like a fashion magazine and really catered to the fashionable and less crafty maker,” Goodwin explained. “Since there are no sewing magazines that cater to men we also made sure that SewSew Def is for everyone who sews and creates.”
  • Global distribution: Finding new readers doesn’t just mean catering to the non-typical sewing magazine subscriber. Bringing SewSew Def needed to be discoverable worldwide if it wanted to reach a global Millennial audience looking for a publication that brought together sewing with the latest trends.


Joomag’s all-in-one platform allowed SewSew Def to manage all aspects of their publication with the convenience of a single account. One-click updates made it easy for them to update content on the fly or add interactive elements like Youtube videos, slideshows and plugins. The Crater Editor's customization options are flexible and don’t bind creators to a few limited templates or formats. As a result, SewSew Def has succeeded to create a highly engaging publication, which led to remarkable success, visualized in the following figures:

15,700 views in the first month

69,622 pages viewed

5.48 minutes on average per visit

62% viewed on mobile

Having a sales platform, payment processing, and distribution across all devices—web, iOS, and Android—built into Joomag’s platform meant that the creators of SewSew Def wouldn’t be distracted by tedious tasks. This allowed them to pour all their effort into creating a magazine that’s as informative as it is visually stunning.

Finally, Joomag’s distribution tools helped take SewSew Def to the wide audience it was looking for. Not only does the Joomag newsstand have a global audience, but our advanced analytics allow the creators of SewSew Def to track their audience by location, engagement, demographics, and more. For a publication looking to position itself beyond the market that typically reads sewing magazines, this was crucial.


“The magazine has done amazing and with the third issue publishing soon we expect even greater results from our marketing and the use of the analytics,” said Goodwin. “I am so thankful for Joomag because it makes the design, editing, interactivity, selling, and distribution of the magazine seamless.”


Industry Creative Services
Services Sewing tutorials.
Design inspiration
Founded 2012