Gazelle STL

Discover how an inspiring women’s magazine used Joomag to overcome multiple obstacles and merge its print model with digital.


Industry Media
Founded 2014
Services Magazine publishing,
lifestyle brand
Revenue Average $75,000+
per Issue
Employees 10+, including contributors

About the customer

Gazelle STL is a monthly print and digital magazine for the sassy, sophisticated woman. Its content covers a broad range of topics that women care about including beauty, fashion, health, and lifestyle. By spotlighting inspiring female figures, the magazine empowers women and encourages them to make a difference in their lives.


For Cillah Hall, founder of Gazelle STL, a top-line women’s magazine was the perfect opportunity to reach out to a community whose goals and interests aligned. According to Hall, women are bonded by the problems they share; relationships, for example, or finding a healthy balance between one’s work and personal life. Gazelle STL was quickly transforming into a national brand via print, but needed new and innovative ways to keep pace with its rapid growth.


A digital transition: Hall intended to supplement her existing print business model with a digital component so readers could access content instantly.

Interactive content creation: adding interactive features to the magazine would also be necessary to bolster reader engagement.

Effective distribution: to extend its reach to a mass audience, Gazelle STL needed a way to notify subscribers whenever it published a new issue.

Analytics: And to gauge reader activity/interest, the magazine would need comprehensive tracking analytics.


Thorough research into the digital publishing industry led to Hall’s discovery of Joomag - the complete, all-in-one platform. Its powerful Crater Editor allowed her to turn her dream of a digitized Gazelle STL into a reality.

As the magazine grew, it also gradually upgraded its Joomag features. Each upgrade was necessary to help Gazelle STL solve the different problems it was facing, including:

  • Needing an accurate handle on how many people were reading the magazine
  • Search engine optimization
  • The ability to directly email readers once an issue is published.


Joomag’s comprehensive solutions were exactly what Gazelle STL needed. The magazine’s brand new interactivity allowed readers to engage with its content on an entirely new level. Upon transitioning to a digital format, the magazine witnessed a...

4x increase in total views

5x increase in unique pageviews

6 min increase in time spent/visit

28% increase in reader retention

Thanks to the digital platform’s in-depth analytics, Hall knew exactly how many people were reading her magazine (and how). She also came to know which pages people were most excited about, replicating their formats to garner more views for her content. Joomag’s analytics had directly impacted the magazine’s content and helped grow its reader base.

Joomag’s Awesome CRM also proved handy, streamlining content distribution for the Gazelle STL team. New magazines were delivered to readers via custom email campaigns, alerting them in the process.

Hall also commented on Joomag’s cost-effective pricing structure, stating that she “really liked [it.]. As a start-up magazine three years ago, it was important that we kept costs down.”

Print magazines looking to digitize their content and appeal to a wider audience shouldn't wait any longer. Gazelle STL didn’t, and that’s exactly why it enjoys its continued success today.