Ernst & Young

Ernst & Young (EY), one of the world’s largest professional services firms, won the 2015 IoIC Awards for its e-magazine, Pathways. Lending to its success was Joomag, whose platform was used for the publication’s production and design.

EY is one of the top professional services organizations in the world, and its EMEIA Financial Services Office (FSO) is equally impressive. Founded in 2009 and comprising over 8,000 employees, the UK-based EMEIA FSO is driven by its commitment to “build a better working world.” It provides cross-border, global client services and offers its employees a breadth of career development opportunities.


EY understood that the EMEIA FSO was lacking a focused, online career hub. And because programs within the office were split between various departments with employees from all around the world, the company felt that a sense of structure was lacking.

To kick things off, EY conducted several workshops to determine what employees thought of the company’s existing career tools. Due to EY’s large size, employees reported that they had a difficult time finding appropriate career opportunities. Information was too scattered across too many different sources.


  • Interactive content creation: accordingly, the EMEIA FSO’s primary intention was to create a user-friendly, interactive career resource that would present new opportunities to its employees and spark more conversations about career development.
  • User management: the new resource would also require the assigning of advanced rights and roles to multiple users and track user activity.
  • Customization: to ensure that the new career tool would engage its employees, it would need a custom look and feel.
  • Editable content: it was critical for the EMEIA FSO to keep every single one of its employees updated on the latest career news and resources. Therefore, content had to be updatable in real-time.
  • Analytics: the EMEIA FSO’s solution needed to be visually striking. But it would also need a measurable component so that the organization could gauge employee engagement, satisfaction, and feedback.


EMEIA FSO enlisted the help of Joomag to create Pathways, an interactive, online career portal/magazine. Joomag’s Crater Editor coupled with its user-friendly interface allowed the EY subsidiary to develop a solution that was easy to navigate. Finally, information was consolidated into a single resource and made readily available for employees to access.

EY smartly embedded Pathways directly onto its website, obviating the need for employees to download it. It was made more accessible and useful thanks to Joomag’s embedding feature.

Pathways’ content is also highly customized and divided into 4 sections: “Seizing opportunities,” “Making your mark,” “Getting involved,” and “Working with the best.” Each chapter harbors a unique tone, theme, and feel—all brought to life on every page as a result of Joomag’s extensive customization options. Various infographics, videos, and slideshows are peppered throughout the e-magazine. And to reinforce its message of camaraderie and career development, Pathways even includes employee case studies with links to additional, more detailed content.

Of course, budget was also considered. Joomag’s online solution allowed EY to achieve its goals while getting the most bang for its buck.

Paolo Galletti, HR Director at the EMEIA FSO, praised Joomag and remarked that “The project has been a huge success as the call to action for employees to take control of their own career development was clear and simple. Pathways is an innovative and invaluable tool that was presented in interactive format. We made a decision early on to take risks with the content and borrowed from learnings in usability to focus on the people rather than the programs to engage the reader. The peer-to-peer guidance offered a personal touch and has certainly encouraged deeper engagement.”


EMEIA FSO’s award-winning product was powered by Joomag’s digital platform, and the former had fulfilled its e-magazine needs while achieving all of its goals.

And the results were nothing short of remarkable.

  • In terms of engagement, Pathways experienced an increase in unique views, average session durations, and decrease in bounce rates.
  • Reader feedback and sentiment were overwhelmingly positive.
  • Employee retention rates were also markedly improved after the introduction of the career resource.

Over 50% of EMEIA FSO employees have visited the company’s interactive magazine, and they consistently return to it.

Employee feedback has been overwhelmingly positive, and new users claim that the resource is invaluable for their career development.

In 2015, Pathways won the Institute of Internal Communication’s (IoIC) “Best Ezine” award.

Together, EY and Joomag had produced an accessible company resource which united FSO employees and challenged them to think forward in terms of their careers.


Industry Professional services
Founded 1989
Services Assurance.
Tax Advisory.
Financial Advisory.
Revenue $ 29.6 Billion2016
Employees 231,000