Century 21

Century 21, a multi-award-winning real estate franchise, needed a versatile online platform to meet its publishing and corporate communications needs. See how Joomag’s integrated solutions went above and beyond the call of duty.


Industry Real Estate Agent
Franchise Company
Founded 1971
Services Real Estate, Brokerage
Employees 111,000
Website century21.com

About the customer

Nearly 7,400 independently owned, franchised broker offices in 78 countries make up Century 21- the most recognized real estate brand in the industry with over 111,000 sales aficionados. The company’s highly methodical approach to branding, communications, and marketing helps its clients and agents win over prospects, foster leads, and smoothen real estate transactions. Since 1999, the company continues to rank highest in total brand awareness in real estate. It is also a leader in online marketing, garnering multiple awards.


With so many employees and departments comprising its vast workforce, Century 21 needed a centralized and efficient way to keep everyone in the loop. Any new information regarding sales or mergers and acquisitions, for example, would have to be relayed to corporate staff and agents in a timely manner via newsletters highlighting:

  • Properties sold in a month
  • New offices, facts, networking nights, events, etc.
  • Mergers & acquisitions – pictures of new offices, signage, detailed info about company/history
  • Agent spotlights- agent headshot and contact information with Q and A’s
  • Welcoming new agents – announcements
  • Vendor spotlights – Community Connections
  • First closings – agent’s name and sale price
  • Agent praise – agent name and office
  • Agent news – marriage, baby, awards, etc.
  • Leadership conferences
  • Agent work anniversaries
  • Agent birthdays
  • Grand openings or networking events – flyers
  • Announcements
  • Community Connections directory

Of course, the company's enormous client base was also a priority. Century 21 sought to digitize its flagship “Moving Guide” for clients buying or selling properties. The new “Online Moving Guide” would include tips for saving money and time during a move in addition to company ads from vendors (as a part of the Community Connections program).


Interactive content creation: any publication containing property listings would need to engage customers via interactive elements in order to elevate the home buying experience.

Simple yet powerful distribution: to satisfy both its clientele and corporate staff, Century 21 sought effective distribution tools for their online content.

Updatable content: real estate information is constantly changing. The Century 21 staff understood that digital content was a better option than print since the former could be updated in real-time.

Tracking analytics: detailed metrics would be essential for measuring both employee and customer interest, especially from digital newsletters.


Jim D’Amico, a broker owner from the Century 21 North Shore/NS Group, researched numerous digital publishing platforms and found that Joomag was the best fit.

Its centralized, integrated software meant the real estate franchise company could create, distribute, and track their digital content from a single platform. Moreover, the platform’s flexible Crater Editor allowed for unprecedented interactivity, enabling Century 21 to supercharge its content with interactive media such as hotspots and hyperlinks.

As housing prices continued to fluctuate, Century 21 was able to adjust the information in their digital brochures accordingly. Though impossible with print, it was entirely viable on Joomag’s online platform.

Century 21’s distribution strategy was entirely reworked as well. With Joomag’s custom email campaign feature, users could design and launch their own mailing campaigns and deliver content to staff members and clients instantly.


With a newfound, streamlined corporate communications business model in place, Century 21 happily reported its results to Joomag.

Reader base: Since it’s cooperation with Joomag Century 21 succeeded in gaining a solid and loyal reader base. Interactive elements like videos, photo galleries and hotspots, used in the newsletter, made the publication compelling and increased the reader’s engagement with the content. As a result, the average session duration reached almost 6 minutes.

More interest: Century 21 currently has 37 offices with over 600 agents and, thanks to Joomag, now has more than half of its staff taking an active interest in its monthly newsletters.

D’Amico had also praised Joomag’s hyperlink feature, stating that it was his company’s “favorite part. If a vendor sends us an ad to use in our Online Moving Guide, once we upload it, the links connect directly to their site!”

With Joomag, organizations simply get more. More solutions, more results, and more business!