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Sailor Plymouth Thursday, April 20, 2017 News Update BY KRISTEN MILLER SUN SAILOR NEWSPAPERS For the past nine years, the winner of the Lake Conference Relays has gone on to win the state Class AA boys True Team title. And by edging Edina 117-111 April 11 in the Lake meet at Eden Prairie High, Wayzata is in a good position to win its fourth state True Team title in a row. To page 12 Vol. 47, No. 17 Wayzata High theatre explores tragedy, forgiveness in ‘The Sparrow’ The spring play debuts Friday, April 28 Will history repeat itself? $ 1 Wayzata High School theatre students are in their fi nal weeks of re- hearsal of the spring play “The Sparrow,” which takes the stage beginning Friday, April 28. “The Sparrow” tells the story of Emily Book, the sole survivor of a bus accident that happened when she was in second grade and claimed the lives of all of her class- mates and the driver. After leaving town following the accident, Emily returns to Spring Farms, Illinois, 10 years later to complete her se- nior year of high school. With no living family, Emily, played by Shawn Spiry, is taken in by one of her former classmates’ parents, played by Hope Shishilla and Cole Sea- ger. Emily fi nds a confi dant in her biology teacher, Mr. Christopher, played by senior and veteran ac- tor Eric Dagoberg. Mr. Christopher grapples with his own loss, but steps up to be Emily’s main advocate. Sonia Gerber, Way- zata High School theatre director, explained how the play derived from a theater company in her hometown of Chicago. Having seen the play performed several times across the state, Ger- ber said she is excited to bring the play to Wayzata High School. “It’s a really unique and special piece,” she said. “It really resonates with high school stu- dents,” Gerber said, as it tells the story of “teenage angst, an outsider trying to chart her way, fami- lies dealing with loss, superhero powers, guilt, and the power of forgive- ness.” Referencing the synop- PLAY - TO PAGE 18 Rehearsing one of the fi nal scenes in “The Sparrow” are Eric Dagoberg as Mr, Christopher and Shawna Spiry as Emily. (Sun Sailor staff photo by Kristen Miller) Pedestrian Plymouth Creek Center expansion concepts presented fatality on Extent of improvements will be part of capital improvement planning BY KRISTEN MILLER SUN SAILOR NEWSPAPERS TwinWest hosts Sen. Klobuchar Speaking on the areas of infrastructure, work- force, and immigra- tion reform, Sen. Amy Klobuchar shared some of the successes and challenges facing the business environment as part of the TwinWest Chamber Legislative Breakfast April 14. To page 8 The Plymouth City Council re- ceived its fi rst look, as part of a special council meeting April 11, at a design concept for possible expansion of the Plymouth Creek Center. First opened in 2000, the center was part of a $4.5 million voter- approved building project to serve the current and future recreation needs of the city’s seniors and oth- er age groups, as well as provide a space for community events and cultural and arts programming. Nearly 20 years later, the 26,425 square-foot facility is used by more than 300,000 visitors a year, with This proposed design concept shows the exterior of the Plymouth Creek Cen- ter, expanded entry, and view of the courtyard lounge. (Design by HGA) Parks and Recreation program- demand of the space, explained ming contributing to 82 percent of Director of Parks and Recreation the building use. Growth and di- CONCEPT - TO PAGE 17 versity in the city has led to greater County Road 6 A 78-year-old man was struck and killed as he was crossing County Road 6 just before noon April 15, according to the Plym- outh Police. The initial investigation indi- cates that the vehicle, driven by a 70-year-old Plymouth man was traveling eastbound on County Road 6 and approaching Yuma Lane when the pedestrian was struck. The driver, and lone occu- pant of the vehicle, is fully cooper- ating with police. A state crash reconstructionist was called to the scene to assist with the investigation. As of press time, the identity of the victim had not been released and the crash was under investigation. From the heart: Wayzata church offers Parables, a special needs friendly service The Rev. Leslie Neugent of Wayzata Community Church discusses service meant to empower BY JASON JENKINS SUN SAILOR NEWSPAPERS A conversation with the author This year’s Primavera will include Literary Night Sunday, April 23 with Allen Eskens, author of the Plym- outh READS selection, “The Life We Bury.” Primavera kicks off Friday, April 21 at the Plymouth Creek Cen- ter. To page 3 Public notices Read the latest an- nouncements from your city, school district and other public agencies. It’s another busy Sunday morning at Wayzata Com- munity Church. Members of the congregation, which has grown to more than 2,700, fi le in and out for the church’s four Sunday services. In the church’s Wake- fi eld Chapel, the Rev. Leslie Neugent robes up just after 10 a.m. as a buzz of noise and activity – all uncharacteristic of most Minnesota church ser- vices – begins to swell. The name of the service is Par- ables, and it’s a liturgy that can only be found at Way- zata Community Church. “This service is all about empowerment,” Neugent said. Parables, which Neu- gent created in 2013, is an interactive, special-needs friendly worship service. Neugent said the idea was sparked after a young The Rev. Leslie Neugent walks down the aisle at Wayzata Community Church April 9 at the conclusion of the Parables service. (Sun Sailor staff photo by Jason Jenkins) church member with spe- cial needs began to sing “Jesus Loves Me” during a sermon. “And of course, in the Western world, we freak out because that’s not on the bulletin,” Neugent said, recalling the young man’s father whisking ЦWBbFR67GV'( FBv2FRƒЦW7BVBbFRW"( ФWVvVB6B6R&VVЦ&W'2F涖r( ĆrF@vR֗72C( ХFvR`7V6 326V6B7BR76VSS3csc2C#R33#0WVvVB6B6RWpvBFR6W&6VVFVCv'66W'f6Rb6ЧWFRBFF6W6FRV&ǒ7FvW26VBЦVBw&WbffRf֖ƖW2v6FVw&WrFfЦƖW2vv&VBFvWFW F'VB&&W2WVvV@6BBv2FV6FVBV&ǐFBFR6W'f6W2vV@&R'VB&VBGFVFVW0vF7V6VVG2@vVB&R6WBFW&2ЧFfRVf&VBFBvVЦ6VB'F6F( vRFV6FVBFBFWvW&RvrF'VFRЦ&GbFR6W'f6R6@v2V6fW'V66Ц&&FfRVff'B( WVvV@6BgFW"Fb&RЧ&rvFFR6&Rw&W6W'f6W2vW&RVVBFRBWfW'RЧFW&W7FVBGFVFr( FW&R&RVFRfWpVRvGFVBF@F( BfRW'6FW2FF26VG'WBW7B&VǒfVVfVBআW&R( 6R6B( ėN( 2@W7Bf"f֖ƖW2vFG0vF7V6VVG2N( 2f &GvvG2F6VЦV'&FRVRvF7V6VVG2FN( 2FRW( Х$$U2DtR:L;*9r)v(*<*69**<)t9 )(+|96 *9):e8;b 9)r 9*8(6*G:L((9|*(*G*ࠜ*;R 99" (;92 :l*<9698(;6 +|8(*<(28)v""9<(kLYlL iJY`("%(YlkJ YlLiizL *ij*J jY`9<98)a)v(*<*69**<)t*)|;4)*98\9<+ռ*)@`""B`"@"@" "󑀠9"@"# "`@