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Sailor $ 1 Hopkins • Minnetonka Thursday, April 20, 2017 News Update No more ‘Minnesota Nice’ on Affordable Care Act repeal Congressional District 5 residents share healthcare concerns at Hopkins forum hosted by Keith Ellison Tonka track teams shine During the Lake Con- ference Relays April 11 at Eden Prairie’s Aerie Stadium, Min- netonka High’s girls and boys track teams had many outstanding performances. To page 13 Escape artist: zombie survival Community Editor Gabby Landsverk explores the current trend of escape rooms fi rst hand, including at Ridgedale’s Break- out Games and being locked in a room with a hungry zombie at Big Thrill Factory. To page 4 Tonka ‘Titanic’ makes waves about the fact that cur- rent Republican-led efforts to change the ACA could have a negative impact on the most vulnerable popu- BY GABBY LANDSVERK District crowded a confer- of the shifting political de- lations in Minnesota, in- SUN SAILOR NEWSPAPERS ence room April 10 at the bate on health care. cluding the poor, elderly Hopkins Center for the The forum, hosted and disabled. Residents of Minne- Arts, to share concerns and by Congressman Keith “Our healthcare sys- sota’s Fifth Congressional seek answers on the impact Ellison and led by a panel tem is primarily focuses on making certain people a lot of money instead of making a majority of peo- ple really healthy,” Ellison said. “We have commodi- fi ed and commercialized healthcare and that’s the situation we’re in.” According to the Min- nesota Department of Human Services website, “repeal of the ACA with- out creating a mechanism for sustaining or replacing the PPHF (prevention and public health funding, pro- vided or expanded through the ACA) would jeopar- dize core public health services in Minnesota.” The department’s services include economic assis- tance and care for seniors, families, including food as- sistance, child protective services, mental health and addiction treatment, and support for those with dis- Residents packed a conference room April 10 at the Hopkins Center for the Arts, for a town hall meeting hosted by District 5 abilities. Congressman Keith Ellison, sharing concerns and information about how efforts to repeal the Affordable Care Act might impact Minnesota. (Sun Sailor photo by Gabby Landsverk) HEALTHCARE - TO PAGE 3 local authority To page 15 Employees of a Min- netonka gas station al- legedly sold cigarettes to a 14-year-old girl in exchange for sexual acts. To page 8 Public notices Read the latest an- nouncements from your city, school district and other public agencies. To page 16 Sun-Sailor 33 Second St. N.E. Osseo, MN 55369 763-425-3323 of experts, was aimed at addressing uncertainty re- garding efforts to repeal or replace the Afford- able Care Act (ACA, also known as Obamacare), and how such a move might effort district resi- dents. Ellison was outspoken ‘It’s so much more Minnetonka, Hopkins show than just giving’ support for Minnetonka Theatre is taking a voyage on the “ship of dreams” in the spring musical “Ti- tanic,” premiering 7:30 pm Saturday, April 22 at the Arts Center on 7. Clerks charged with sex crime Vol. 47, No. 17 Chris and Peggy Klug of Minnetonka have been named 2017 Community Partners by Ham- mer, a Wayzata-based nonprofi t that works with people with disabilities. The Klugs have been volunteering with Bruce for six years, spending time with him every other Saturday. Pictured, from left, are Bruce, Chris and Peggy Klug and their son Chan. (Submitted photo) 2017 Hammer Partners say volunteering is about family BY GABBY LANDSVERK SUN SAILOR NEWSPAPERS Every other Saturday, Chris Klug of Minneton- ka drives to the group home to pick up his friend Bruce. Each time, the routine is exactly the same. The pair stop by the recycling center to pick up some old maga- zines and return to Chris’ house. There, Bruce goes through the magazines to fi nd pictures he likes, cut- ting them out and putting them in a special binder all his own. For lunch, Bruce has the same re- quest each day — a pea- nut butter and jelly sand- wich — after which the two watch television until it’s time for Chris to drive Bruce home. Despite offers to go out to dinner or try other activities, Bruce is happy with things just the way they are. Chris’ wife, Peggy, said the routine has been this way for the past six years — every other Saturday, rain or shine, is “Bruce Day.” In recognition of their work, Hammer Residenc- es, a Wayzata-based non- profi t that serves people, like Bruce, with disabili- ties, has named the Klugs as awardees for the 2017 Community Partner hon- or, recognizing dedica- tion and contribution to Hammer and the people it serves. The honor is given to six community partners this year. The Klugs began vol- unteering more than a de- cade ago through Reach for Resources, based in Minnetonka. Chris worked as a sports coach for people with disabili- ties and contacted Ham- mer about other opportu- nities in the community. “I wanted to do some- thing more one-on-one,” he said. Chris currently works in human resources, but his background and edu- cation are in social work, a fi eld he always wanted to return to. “I feel like I sold out,” he jokes. “But I still have that in me. So I knew I had to give back, volun- teer, do something.” Six years ago, Chris was introduced to Bruce. They’ve been spending VOLUNTEERS - TO PAGE 20 BY GABBY LANDSVERK ordinances and fee struc- SUN SAILOR NEWSPAPERS tures, as well as impacting the amount of data a city The Minnetonka City is required to maintain. Council voted April 10 in The resolution supports favor of a resolution sup- local decision-making au- porting local authority, thority and opposes leg- following a similar vote at islation that removes the the Hopkins City Coun- ability of local elected o bЦ6( 2&BVWFrf62F&W7BFFP( FRVv6GW&R27F'BVVG2b67FGVVG2খrFvBF֖7&Ю( FW&^( 2V&W"`vR6FW2v&RF&2FB'6WFVǐvRfVV2&&FR( R6V6RFW&06B֖WF"bvBW"6FV2&PFW''66VFW"Wrf"BvBW rFB6vfW&VG26V62&VVVvvV@VffV7FfVW722F&VFVVBf"V'2( Ц'&62F&W7G&7@4T4DtR06FW>( &ƗGF6WB6Vvr67&&P7FVv&B'W6W2FvWBVvr&RBFRW"6bЦ"WFW&6W&6( 2VV7FW"VvrVB7V6 F2'vRVffW"