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F ocus Mounds View • New Brighton Boys Lacrosse Irondale looks forward to a strong lacrosse season with some of the state’s top scoring fresh- men. See page 10 $ 1 Friday, April 21, 2017 • • Vol. 27, No. 17 News Update Mounds View School Board looks at additional start time options Decision to be made April 25 BY SARAH BURGHARDT SUN FOCUS NEWSPAPERS Chronicles of WWII atrocity WWII veteran Larry Tillemans visited Way- zata to talk about his time as a clerk typist at the Nuremberg tri- als, documenting the testimony of Holocaust victims and Nazi war criminals. To page 9 The Mounds View School Board has narrowed in on two school start times op- tions, both targeting an 8:35 a.m. high school start time. Previously, administra- tion had presented three ini- tial start times options. Af- ter receiving feedback from community members, the board decided to postpone the decision. Two particular areas of concern included after school activity pro- Congressman Keith El- lison hosted a forum aimed at addressing uncertainty regarding efforts to repeal or re- place the Affordable Care Act and how such a move might effort dis- trict residents. To page 5 Women in prison Author Joan Moses of New Brighton has been leading weekly writing sessions for incarcer- ated women since June 2015 and last month she released the anthol- ogy series Breaking the Cycle: Writings by Women in Prison. To page 9 sented this additional op- tion, deemed the “pink” option, and discussed its defi ning features. The “pink” option has a wider variety of start times across the district, with el- ementary and secondary schools on slightly different tiers. Keeping these tiers to- gether had originally been used as a parameter in an attempt to keep groupings of schools together when possible, Lennox said. The fi rst tier includes all middle schools, Chippewa, Edgewood and Highview, which would begin at 7:45 a.m. followed by Sunnyside and Turtle Lake Elemen- tary beginning at 7:50 a.m. The second tier holds both high schools, Iron- dale and Mounds View, at 8:35 a.m., then Bel Air and Island Lake Elementary Schools at 8:45 a.m. The fi nal third tier is the remainder of the elemen- tary schools, Pinewood and Valentine Hills, and both Pike Lake and Snail Lake Pre-K programs at 9:25 a.m. Lennox said more fl ex- ibility was created after 911 to report a domestic analyzing both the dis- assault involving his sis- trict’s transportation fl eet ter and Abrams. While and what times the district Campbell was still on the phone with 911, Abrams attacked Campbell, push- ing him into a wall and causing him to fall to the BY OLIVIA ALVESHERE ground. Abrams then ABC NEWSPAPERS jumped on top of Camp- bell and began choking The Minnesota State him with both hands while Colleges and Universities also digging both of his system, of which Anoka knees into Campbell’s Technical College and chest. The female domestic Anoka-Ramsey Commu- assault victim tried unsuc- nity College are a part, is cessfully to pull Abrams asking for $178 million in off her brother Campbell. new money this biennium. The complaint also Of that, $143 million states that just before of- will go to fund infl ation- fi cers placed Abrams in a ary costs at 3 percent in squad car, he uttered, “I fi scal years 2018 and 2019, told that b**** I was go- $25 million will be used to ing to f****** kill him.” help fi nance the replace- The Midwest Medical ment of a 20-year-old core Examiner’s Offi ce listed information system and Campbell’s cause of death $10 million will be used for as complex homicidal vio- student incentive grants. lence. Together, Anoka Tech- If convicted, Abrams nical College and Anoka- faces up to 40 years in jail. Ramsey Community Col- lege would like to see $6 Contact Sam Lenhart at million and $154,500 in in- centive grants for students. New Brighton assault victim dies after heart attack, Minneapolis man charged BY SAM LENHART SUN FOCUS NEWSPAPERS Health care grams and lack of start time options for grade schools. At the Feb. 21 meeting, administration was tasked to revisit the parameters re- lated to start times, includ- ing transportation effi cien- cy and facilities issues, and assigned to create an addi- tional start time scenario. With the help of transpor- tation consultant Thomas Watson, Finance Director Carole Nielson and the dis- trict’s transportation staff, administration created an additional start time option that was presented to the board at the April 11 meet- ing. Supt. Chris Lennox pre- A Minneapolis man is in custody after an assault in New Brighton Friday sent a man into fatal cardiac arrest. According to police, offi cers responded to a call from an apartment building in the 1400 block of 20th Avenue North- west at approximately 8 p.m. Friday, April 14 and found 58-year-old Carlton Campbell semi-conscious inside his second-fl oor apartment. Despite immediate life- saving measures by the offi cers and transport by Allina paramedics, the vic- tim was pronounced dead at Unity Hospital. The suspect, 54-year-old Steven Abrams of Minne- apolis, was arrested at the scene and later charged with 2nd Degree Murder by the Ramsey County At- torney’s Offi ce. According to the com- plaint, Campbell called is transporting elemen- tary students. This fl ex- ibility would also add to additional transportation for secondary schools for after-school extracurricular activities. As elementary school start times are distributed across all three tiers, the start times for the kinder- garten centers, Pike Lake and Snail Lake, remain be- tween their home schools. Sitting between the fi rst and second tier at 8:20 a.m., Sunnyside and Bel Air kin- dergarten programs at Pike Lake Kindergarten Center would begin; at 8:30 a.m., Turtle Lake and Island Lake kindergarten programs at Snail Lake Kindergarten Cente "vVB&Vv&WGvVVFR6V6B@FRF&BFW"WvB@fVFR2FW&v"ЧFVBRRFW&v"ЧFV6VFW"vVB&Vv@( vRFR6֗FV@FFB6bf֖ǒ07GVFVBBFRFW&v"ЧFV6VFW"B7GVFVB@FV"R66FW&^( 0VVvFRFvWB&6Bf'F6VBFWVV@"FW6&RFFFB( VЦ6B66&FrFF2F֖FFR662&R7F'Fp#֖WFW2V&ƖW"FFP7W'&VB7F'BFRBv662&R7F'Frs֖ЧWFW2FW"VVVF'662&VvBFR6PFRvFW6WFf 7V6FRBGW'FRPVVVF'FB&R7F'BЦrSR֖WFW2V&ƖW"FFR7W'&VBV"FR&&BF67W76V@FRf&RF2@w&VVBF6֗BF3Pv667F'BFR2B2667FVBFVFЦ6WfFV6RFBFW"7F'@FW2vVBƖvFFVV>( VVR6VWVVG2FP( ( F2r&Vp66FW&VB6&VBF&WfW2( W'^( F&W6VFVB7BV"खFR&6W72b6V7BЦr6VGfVVF&6FR&&BvRfFV66BFR&#PVWFrFR7F'BFP6vRvvFVffV7@f"FR#66V"f6BwwrVG7fWw2Ц62&r7F'GFW0FfWrFw&2b&FFP7F'BFW2F2@V&&R6F7B6&'W&v&GBB6"Ц'W&v&GDV6֖26&V( 26VvW26VV7FFRgVFp&&WVW7Fr7V6gVFrv2G&GV6V@FR֖W6FW6Pb&W&W6VFFfW2@&VfW'&VBFFRvW VGV6FB6&VW &VFW72Ɩ7BfЦ6R6֗GFVRFP6'W'6bFR6Ц֗GFVR&W'VB&W2"fW&wW2f22FR&( 06VbWF"BfV"@RfVBFBFR&&PBfW"f"76&RЦ6W6'W2&खbFFFCb֖ЦƖ6W2F&Vvf FV6BЦ&6Wf&WG`&w&2v6VRЧ&fVVG26VFrFPVF6767FB&w&ЦBFV6Ɨ66"RbF&VPVF6767FB7G'V2ЧF'2BFR6VvRw&GRЦFVBg&FV6W'6VbvV6R&WGW&VBFFV6@FR6VvRV'2FW"677&2VBW7FǐFR6RvFRW6WЧFvFV&&G2B&RЧ6VB6ƶ&&G2( vRVVBWFFr( Х6"6B( VF6Чv26vW2( ХFR6VvR7F'FV@rF&VFW6v672Ч&2F&WƖ6FR6Ɩ06WGFr#2FR&VFRЧ6vv26FVBF&Vv#b'WBFR&V7Bv0&6'W&W&VBVF#BvƖVǒ&RW6V@WfVf'FW"FFRgRЧGW&R66&FrF6"खGW7G''FW'2fP&VVVgVFFpVF6WVVB@FRfVFF&&B06&fFVBVVFVB7WЧ'B'WBF6FVRFP4TtRDtR &FV7Fr6vFW'0&6W66W'fFF7G&7BG2VF0f6fR7V6W0V&Ɩ2f'VФখF7FVBW&FW"6&vP0&VVF7FVB6&rЦW2bƖrRזV"ЦB2RfV&W"FvR V&Ɩ2F6W0&VBFRFW7BV"ЦƖ2F6W2g&FPVG2fWrBWp'&vF&V2FvR7Vf7W0326V6B7BR76VSS3csc2C#R33#07Vf7W4V6֖26Ф%4$%U$t$E@5Td5U2Uu5U%0Vff'BF&6Pv&VW72&WB&FV7BЦrFRv&N( 27BfRЦ&RGW&&W6W&6RFP&6W66W'fFF7G&7BVBVF0f6fR7V6W2V&Ɩ2fЧ'V&63FR&6W66W"ЧfFF7G&7Bv&2F66W'fRGW&&W6W&6W0BgFV&fFW2VGV6ЧF'GVFW2f &W6FVG2B7FVBЦW'2FV&&R&W@&W6W'frB&FV7FpFRVf&VB&6W6VG&W6FVG26RW@FV&&R&WBv@6VB&RW&rFV 6W2B7BЧ'FFǒvB6VB&PFR&WBBvFW"VƗGFrvFW"VЦG2W&FfRFFPVFb֖W6FW2F&VvFR6vp6V62FR&6W6Ч6W'fFF7G&7Bv&0FV7W&RFBWfW'PFR6VG2&W&ǐF&VB6VBbFPF&r2r@6&FR66VG&F2F2VVRvFW"WBЦB26VV֖vǒVfBЦ&RB26rF&V@F֖W6FW2FR&Gb6Ч&FR6W2g&&B6BvF֖W6FvЧFW"6W26rB6RBvFW"&BFRЦ6R&VƖW2VfǒFPW6Rb6BF2FR֖6pWFB26G&'WFVBF"FWBf"W0BFW"&FW2bvFW &VBFR7FFRVf&VF&RЧ6W&6R7V6Ɨ7B6Rv&2FЧF"FRvFW"VƗG`&6W6VGW2w6FRFR֖W6FWF6G&vV7BFW"'FW'2Ч6RB2FVfR&VVv&rFRGv6BЦW2WG&ƗF&V6&FR&V7BFBЦG&W72F277VR( 6B266W'fFfPBFW6( BvvW&PBBFW6( BvWBW6VB'&v62( 6BФVWrVF2f6fR7V6W2WBb&6W6VGW22bF&&Gf"FR&6W66W'fFF7G&7BF2V"&B7V7FW'2&RWV7FVBF7&V6Rg&3C#`F"C"W'2F6W'FW7b&6W66W'fFF7G&7B6R( 6RBVFW'2F&GbvFW"BvVW&ǐFW6( B6RWB^( &PǒvrF6VRfW"ЧFRFW6R6B66VG&ЧF2bW27&V6R( ХvFf&RFV6ЦwF&VfR6&FRFR&V7B2F7&VFPFFG&W72"ЦVG2BFW"7G0vFW"VƗGFPVF&RWG&ƗF&VFR&V7B2W7F"ЦƗ6VB7FFRvFW"VЦG7FF&Bf"6&FPB#3rBFFb6WfV&6W6VGW2&R7W'&VFǒ6GFp&fRF27FF&B( vRfVBFB&vPV&W"bW2FPWG&vW&R&VGЧ&VBVrFBFPVBb6&FRFPR2Fvf"VF0FvR