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Current Edina $ 1 Thursday, April 20, 2017 Vol. 47, No. 17 Homeless alleviation Stillwater shaded Public notices The Hennepin County Board accepted funding to alleviate homelessness, on top of other board actions. Page 3 Strategy played a key role in Edina High’s 11-8 girls lacrosse win over Stillwater Fri- day, April 15, at Kuhlman Field. Page 12 Check out the latest public notices from the city of Edina and the Edina School District. Page 15 First graduates of College Possible fi nd lifeline 18 of 20 seniors have already been admitted to college BY ETHAN GROOTHUIS SUN CURRENT NEWSPAPERS For students in College Possible, dreams and real- ity are soon becoming one. While the program College Possible students typically meet twice a week after nationwide boasts a 99 school to prep ACTs and college applications. (Submitted photo) percent college admis- sion rate, the question was whether or not the fl edg- ling program at Edina, which began in 2015, had the same success rate. At a community day event held last week at Edina High School, it was clear the answer was a re- sounding yes. Of 20 seniors in the Edina College Possible program, 18 have already been admitted to college and 17 have already fi n- ished FAFSA applica- tions. Students who are ac- cepted into the program meet two afternoons per week beginning as juniors and receive help with any- thing ranging from ACT prep to help deciding for which college to pursue enrollment. “The FAFSA was re- ally diffi cult and stress- ful,” Elizabeth, a senior in College Possible said. “It has just been really great to have that extra sup- port when you are trying to deal with grades and whatever else. [Coach Festivities will take place in Morningside, Weber Park The art festival kick-off is celebrating its 51st year BY ETHAN GROOTHUIS SUN CURRENT NEWSPAPERS duo’s art sales pro- ceeds are donated to provide food and med- ical attention for both people and animals in need. “We experiment with paint to see what else can be said be- yond what we have already said,” Dwyre- Zuckerman said. “In our work we are com- mitted to synthesizing and reconciling oppos- ing aspects of life and art; traditional fi gure painting, representa- tional and abstract art, the individual and the universal, the physical and the spiritual. Our commitment is to ac- cept and hold these different aspects to- gether at one time in a whole and complete vision, a vision where beauty and inspiration play a leading role in the lives and language of all people.” ART - TO PAGE 2 “Sedona” by Julie Dwyre-Zuckerman and Kevin Zuckerman FESTIVAL! fi nds niche in public access Local access children’s show wins awards of excellence at Midwest media festival BY ETHAN GROOTHUIS SUN CURRENT NEWSPAPERS Tim Montgomery’s locally pro- duced children’s program FESTIVAL! was awarded two awards of excellence and selection as Best Cable Access Program at the Best of the Midwest Media Fest this month in Milwaukee. An annual event, the Media Fest is a regional conference with an awards banquet honoring the work of local media centers in Illinois, Iowa, Min- COLLEGE - TO PAGE 3 Eco-Fair, breakfast highlight Earth weekend Art Fair announces featured artists The Edina Art Fair announced that the husband and wife team of Julie Dwyre- Zuckerman and Kevin Zuckerman will be this year’s featured artists. The 51st annual Edina Art Fair is Fri- day, June 2 through Sunday, June 4, at 50th and France. The winning acrylic painting titled “Se- dona” will be featured on all of the Edina Art Fair promotional materials, including the poster, T-shirt and brochures. “Our intention is to invite our audience into explore the ex- pansive realm of paint and unspoken lan- guage to experiment with saying something new,” Julie Dwyre- Zuckerman said. “In our work, we look to identify the clichés that keep things com- fortable and familiar. A portion of the Maggie] helped me a lot with my decision.” Elizabeth said that hav- ing another person to talk to and provide extra sup- port was a bonus to her mother as well. “It was really helpful,” Elizabeth said. “I think even my mom was sur- prised at the opportunities I was given through Col- lege Possible.” Other seniors, in similar fi nancial situations and many soon-to-be fi rst gen- nesota, North Dakota, South Dakota and Wisconsin. The Edina High School graduate has worked in various Twin Cities me- dia organizations for years, including the Star Tribune, the Pioneer Press and currently as a graphic designer at KSTP. But beginning approximately four years ago, Montgomery started a new venture that would expand the heights of his creativity – children’s television. He created different tangential seg- Sun Current 10917 Valley View Rd. Eden Prairie, MN 55344 952-829-0797 ments that were spun together into a few episodes. Now FESTIVAL! runs on several area cable access networks, including SWTV, covering Edina, Eden Prairie, Hopkins, Minnetonka and Wayzata. Montgomery is using the show to explore subjects beyond reading, math and science, but instead creatively, through art, music and humor, look at other themes of childhood and how people treat one another, including bullying, safety and cultural differ- ences. “Children learn reading, writing FESTIVAL! - TO PAGE 20 The worldwide celebration of Earth Day will have its own Edina fl air as the festivities come to Morningside. The weekend neighborhood celebration, open to anyone, begins on Saturday morn- ing when Edina Morningside Community Church hosts an EarthWorks Breakfast 8:30-11 a.m., which includes presentations such as urban bee farming, iMatter stu- dents discussing their climate actions at 9:30 a.m. and a bicycle safety and mainte- nance clinic at 10 a.m. On Sunday, the Morningside Eco-Fair will begin with a bike parade from Edina Community WFW&6W&6FvV&W &BCRg&"RFRVv&&Bv6VV'&FRFRV'FvFFV2f"7W7FЦ&RƗfrBf֖ǒ7FfFW2vRFW"6ƖFR&6VB7FfFW2F0vVVVB&vRg&FRV^( 26ƖFP&66VFr'W6W2Fv6wFB2BVB66V6R&FW7B7BVVF6b6WB&VƖWfW0B2'FBF7F&R7FfR&vBVF( vR&R'&vr6WF2&vBFFRVv&&B( F66B( Ė`vRvBF6VR6vRg&W"VFW'2vRfRFFBF6R6vW2FRvFBvR&RƗfr( ХF66BFBFW&R&R6P6vW2VR6FFB&VGV6RFV 6&&fG&G2'WBFBB2'F@F6VRFW"VRFr'F6Fr( VF2vF7WB6&&V֗2Ч623W&6VB'##R( F66B( ėB2vw&W76fRv6vRVV@FFW"'BvR&RBbFRVBЦrVFvRbF2vfRvRvBFRG2F&RWBg&BV6W&vrBW6pFV"&VG2FFFR&vBFr( ФFbWFF"vW2ƖRvRFB6W'fW2FFV7G&FR&@BG&fWv'VfbG2v6&PvfVV677'G2gFW"f6BpVVv&F2v6v&fFR7F6W'2f"FP77'G2G2vvWB&FvRF@62FW&P( V6W&W2( ФFRv&ЦpW6R&F2@7FfFW2Ц6VFRpT4DtR@Ureu%Tąb (rDttt%b (rtdb (rTEdu`TEtb (rEutbU%%b (ru%`T$t (rtdĥ (rUpAQQqaA:l()R9998𥥥d%%5U%qe%ddbRaqAQ