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Current Bloomington $ 1 Thursday, April 20, 2017 Vol. 47, No. 17 Robbery arrests Comeback victory Public notices Fingerprints helped identify suspects in a Bloomington liquor store robbery that occurred last summer. Page 7 The Jefferson High School boys lacrosse team came from behind to win its season opener. Page 12 Read the latest public notices and hearing announcements from the city and school district. Page 15 Offi cer accused of failing to interview fraud victims during investigation Investigator charged with gross misdemeanor BY MIKE HANKS SUN CURRENT NEWSPAPERS on Nov. 14. The county attorney’s offi ce subse- quently learned that at least two of the victims had not been contacted by Rix. The victims said that they had not been contacted by Rix or any- one from the police de- partment regarding their credit cards. Rix’s phone records were reviewed, and there was no evidence Rix called the known phone numbers of the two victims, according to the complaint. All charges in the credit card investigation have since been dismissed, ac- cording to Bloomington Deputy Chief Mike Hart- ley. “The allegations against Offi cer Rix are in confl ict with the stan- dards and ethics of the Bloomington Police De- partment,” Police Chief Jeff Potts said in a state- ment following the charg- es against Rix. “We take this matter very seriously and took immediate ac- tion to ensure the matter was properly investigated by the BCA.” The attorney represent- ing Rix said he was sur- prised by the charges and wonders why the mat- ter wasn’t rectifi ed by a phone call to Rix regard- ing the two victims. Peter Wold, an attorney with the Minnesota Police and Peace Offi cers As- sociation Legal Defense Fund who is representing Rix, characterized the in- cident as an oversight by Rix regarding two of the nine victims in the case. The case was one of sev- eral similar cases that Rix had been investigating, and said that any failure to contact a victim in the case was not intentional. Beyond that, the case was built upon comprehen- sive investigation by Rix. “If there was a mistake, it wasn’t material,” Wold said. Wold questions why the discrepancy regarding two victims didn’t war- rant a follow-up phone call from the Hennepin County Attorney’s Offi ce. “Give the guy a phone call if there’s a problem,” Wold said. “I don’t get it. “I’m a little appalled by it,” he added. Rix has been on admin- istrative leave since De- cember. If convicted, he faces up to one year in jail and a fi ne of up to $3,000. A Bloomington po- lice offi cer is on admin- istrative leave after be- ing charged with a gross misdemeanor, accused of misconduct involving a credit card fraud investi- gation. Donald Rix, 51, was charged March 27 with one count of misconduct of a public offi cer or em- ployee, following an in- vestigation by the Minne- sota Bureau of Criminal Apprehension and a re- view of the investigation by the Dakota County Attorney’s Offi ce. The BCA investigation began in December when the Bloomington Police Department contacted the agency for assistance with its internal inves- tigation. Rix, a 14-year member of the police department, had been in- vestigating allegations of credit card fraud. Police reports were submitted to the Hennepin County Attorney’s Offi ce for con- sideration of charges in October. The county at- torney’s offi ce declined to fi le charges in the case in early November, advising Rix to resubmit the case with additional informa- tion, according to the criminal complaint. The county attorney’s offi ce requested that the victims in the case be identifi ed, contacted and interviewed, the com- plaint noted. Rix followed up the request by submitting a supplemental report to the police department’s clerical staff, which was submitted to the county attorney’s offi ce. The re- port stated that Rix ob- tained account holder information and spoke to nine victims in the case, who all said that they have their credit cards in their possession, they had not given anyone permis- sion to use the cards and they had no knowledge of the suspect, the com- plaint explained. The county attorney’s offi ce reviewed the sup- plemental report and fi led a felony-level com- Contact Mike Hanks at plaint against the suspect Sun Current 10917 Valley View Rd. Eden Prairie, MN 55344 952-829-0797 Sign of spring The annual egg hunt in Bloomington brings hundreds of eager children to the Bloomington band shell each spring, and a rainy morning didn’t deter eager 2- and 3-year-olds from scampering across the band shell lawn, above, April 15 to fetch candy-fi lled eggs. At right, Rinchen Gyat- so, 2, of Bloomington grabs one of several eggs he collected at the hunt. (Sun Cur- rent staff photos by Mike Hanks) Organization underway for annual Book’Em fundraising book sale BY MIKE HANKS SUN CURRENT NEWSPAPERS The long organizational process for the biggest bargain hunt of the year is underway. The Bloomington Crime Prevention Asso- ciation’s annual Book’Em Used Book Sale begins June 3, and organizing for the sale begins long before opening day. Part of that organization includes col- lecting books and other donations from the com- munity. Donation drop boxes have made their an- nual appearance around Bloomington, and dona- tions may also be dropped off at the sale site, which is moving back across Inter- state 494. The 25th annual sale will return to Richfi eld this summer. The asso- ciation leases space for the sale each year and needs the space for approxi- mately three months. The association is therefore at the mercy of available re- tail space in Bloomington, and when adequate space is unavailable, the orga- nization looks elsewhere. Several years ago the sale moved to a vacated book- store space at the Shops at Lyndale, a 7G&FR&6fVB6FRbFPg&VWvFR6RfVB&6F&֖wFfWrV'0v'WBFB76Rv0Vf&RF27&r&FrFR6V&6f Wr6FFBWp6FVFVBW&Vp&6BFR62BǖЦFRF2V.( 26RvFR6RFR&V6VFǐf6FVB7'G2WF&G76RFRvW7BVB`FR7G&66&FpF֖R'FW&ЦwF&W6FVBFWWG6VbbFR&֖wFƖ6RFW'FVB@&W6FVBbFR766ЧFFRV6R&6W0&FVǒCf"FR766FV6V"v6v&G2FP&6VVG2F7&R&WfVЧF&v旦F2BЧFFfW2V6fgFW"6V7W&rG26P6FRFR766F60fbG2V6R'6ЦV7FrB&v旦pFF2FRvVV0&V6VFrFR6RFFЧFF6'FrBЦ&WFr&2'6FVv'BWF"FR6R666WG2vRWRRЧ62fR6gGv&RfFVvW2BfFVvP6VBFF2FR766Fv2Ц6WBWrBW6VB&FF26fW&r琦vV&W2&F&F6fW BW&&6'WBFW066WBFvVЦw&2vRЧFVvFR766F66WG2W62FF2BFW2B66WB62Ч6WGFRFW2ƖWv6RF670bfRBFVWf66w2&R66WFVB'W@Bd2FW2FF0&PG&VBfbBFR6P6FRSrsF7BvVFW6F2Bg&F0&WGvVVBRB6GW&F2g&FvVFR6R&Vv0VR2FF2v7F&R66WFVBBFR6R6FP8;<(928*;<(VBde4$TdTEU5BEDeTBTdTEU5BD$bT%E5@BdTdR$UBBvDbTdBE5B$R54Te@BDR$B4etdTtbDe5tDe@(;68):g*<9)(;68):g*<9) (92 )\(*<(2 +|8*;<(V8 * (6*68)*6R*9<)9(V*<9(9<98;l+Р8+))8*6R ((92 (((<();b 98(*6R 9<9 :l96\;4*5R 9(*<*)*(<;b 9* +|8*;<(V 9(9<9 968;<(92*6R *:l9ռ*)92*8;68;`+t9(*<9+ (69 9* )|*<*;B *:l8 +t9(*<992 9<* ;F*2998 :l*6V89<9*6R 9((8 (<*)92*6R ;L(9 9(;b ;D*<9 9**)+|)(9<(+Р8)98))8+*G:L+7<((99*Bu4te24dtrTdT$E!a"4TbD$R%tb@4UaaQAEԤdT%5EDeTBEEdT%TB%t$$4`$e%TdUB4dDdtb"Q1uRDe5TD%TbUeRU%4RTdT$De5tDe@FǒF&VvVRFF2&W2&P6f&RF&VvW@FR6VG6VFpBFRVG&6W2F&ЦwF6f2@&֖wF( 2V&Ɩ2VRЦVF'662B7&VVЧ6FR6VG6VFW"BFRVffW'6BVЦVGv667FfG6VFW'2BFRB@6WFvBV&ǒ6BЦB6VFW'2BB6WfW&&֖wF'W6W76W27BFV2BFR6P&R&6VBBC"C"@&WfWr6R&V6VFW0VrFFR&WfWp6R2RӒg&FVR"BF֗760CW"W'6Bg&VPf"V&W'2bFR76Ц6FFR&VwV"6PW'2&RFvVVF2BFPvVVVG2VR2rखf&F&WBFP6R6VFrFFFG&fb6FW2BƖFFR766F( 2f6V&vR2f&RƖR@&7&r6F7B֖R2@֖R4V6֖26