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Thursday, March 30, 2017 Edina Sun Current • 3 Sheriff disputes Homeland Security report BY PAIGE KIEFFER SUN SAILOR NEWSPAPERS The Hennepin County Sheriff’s Offi ce disputed on March 23 the county’s inclusion on a federal list of law enforcement agen- cies that haven’t honored requests to hold detainees for Immigration and Cus- toms Enforcement. The Department of Homeland Security report was issued after President Donald Trump signed an executive order in Janu- ary that requires ICE to report on immigrants that were released after ICE asked them to be held until they could be taken into custody by the federal agency. About 50 other city and county jails were also in- cluded in the federal re- port that was signed as an executive order after Trump promised to crack down on local law enforce- ment agencies that fail to comply with ICE and threatening to withhold- ing federal funding. “Let me be very clear, on three things,” said Sheriff Rich Stanek. “First and foremost as I’ve said there is no safe haven or sanctu- ary of criminals anywhere in Hennepin County. Secondly the Hennepin County Sheriff’s Offi ce fully cooperates with Im- migrations and Customs Enforcement and all of our federal law enforce- ment partners to the fullest extent of the law. Third, our agency respects and protects constitutional rights of all people we in- teract with. This is job one for all local law enforce- ment, Hennepin County Julio Vega and Vicente Guerrero-Fernandez were released from the Hennepin County Jail Feb. 1 and into the custody of Immigra- tion and Customs Enforcement offi cials. (Submitted photo) Sheriff’s Offi ce and local law enforcement county wide.” Hennepin County was listed on the DHS report for not cooperating with ICE on the release of two individuals, Julio Vega and Vicente Guerrero- Fernandez. Minneapolis Police arrested both indi- viduals Feb. 1. Vega was charged with fi fth-degree possession of narcotics and Guerrero-Fernandez for weapon offenses. Stanek said ICE was no- tifi ed when both inmates were scheduled to be re- leased. Upon release, both inmates were taken into ICE’s custody Feb. 3. The HCSO released images on March 23 showing ICE agents taking Vega and Guerrero-Fernandez into custody. “Local law enforcement does not enforce federal immigration law,” Stanek said. “We have no legal authorization to do so. If ICE wishes a person re- main in custody beyond the time he or she is sched- uled for release they must get a court order, must pick that person up at the time of his or her release from the jail.” Stanek said that the county Jjail typically gives ICE 24-hour notice if the county is releasing a want- ed inmate. The HCSO does not detain anyone in jail without local or constitutional protec- tions,” Stanek said. “We cannot hold individuals in the jail without legal authority and we must follow the law and as a sheriff the rule of law is paramount.” “The detainer forms fi led by ICE are not war- rants, but merely discre- tionary requests,” said Hennepin County At- torney Mike Freeman. “We cannot comply with them because it would be unlawful detentions that could open the county to liability. Moreover such actions unconstitution- ally limits a person’s lib- erty without suffi cient due process.” Stanek said that this report has harmed rela- tions with the immigrant community in the county. He said that Hennepin County offi cials will con- tinue to handle immigrant arrests as they have in the past and will not give into pressure on recent changes by the federal government. Stanek wanted to assure the public that, “Hennepin County not be a sanctuary for criminals.” state criminal charges, or a court order. At the jail, inmates are not asked their immigration status, but only their country of ori- gin because their consulate needs to be notifi ed. “All people regardless of their immigration sta- Contact Paige Kieffer at tus are brought to a jail paige.kieffer@ecm-inc. in states are entitled to com. “We cannot comply with them because it would be unlawful detentions that could open the county to liability.” – Mike Freeman, Hennepin County Attorney CHECK OUT THE NEW SUN CURRENT WEBSITE! LOCAL NEWS ONLINE, 24/7 Worship Directory '$7( $1' 7,0(  DW  30 Share your weekly worship schedule or other activities with the community. Call 952-392-6875 for rates and information. $40 $ -/</ 42/" 4/  A˜óAÏö æ݌nÏA£ ŒæÏ[Œ -AÓÝ¨Ï ¨£