Bowman County Annual Report

Our mission is to encourage and assist in the development of employment, industry, tourism and economic attributes within Bowman County. Office Staff 2013 Board of Directors Teran Doerr Executive Director Laura Weber Business Assistant Cathy Hedge Executive Secretary Justin Wolbaum President 2015 Duane Bowman Vice President 2016 Kevin Bucholz Treasurer 2014 Julie Lockert Secretary 2016 Karen Feist Director 2015 Scott Hardy Director 2014 Mark Ballard Director 2015 Lyn James City of Bowman Representative OPEN City of Scranton Representative Rick Braaten Bowman County Representative Josh Lindstrom Bowman Chamber Representative Gaming Management Debbie Bucholz Tom Sedevie Stay Informed • Growing Bowman County on KPOK (9am Friday mornings) • Growing Bowman County E-Newsletter • Growing Bowman County on Facebook