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Professional online editor

Experience the full power of digital publishing with Joomag's online editor, the first and only one of its kind. Built on cutting-edge technology, the editor delivers an exceptional simplicity and flexibility to the publishers allowing them to perform basic actions like drawing vector shapes, inserting text and multimedia materials along with other innovative features.


Draw lines, rectangles and ellipses, specify stroke types and widths, fill and outline colors. All these items will be saved in vector format to preserve the quality when zooming.


Create text blocks using a variety of fonts and sizes. Easily adjust style, color, alignment, spacing between lines and letters, and paragraph indention and spacing.


Insert high quality images into your publications. If necessary, crop and transform them online.


Enrich your publications with videos. Simply upload and place them wherever you like.


Make your publications even more interactive with flash animations and forms. Create whatever you like with Adobe Flash and embed it in your publications.


Easily scale, skew, rotate and flip the objects, change their order in the layer, align their edges and even apply all these transformations to the group of objects.


Use document and baseline grids when designing the layout of your publication. The snapping feature will help you achieve maximum accuracy.


Use layers to divide the page into discrete planes, as though the components of the illustration were drawn on separate tracking paper overlays.


Simplify navigation for your readers by creating the internal and external links in your publications. Links can be assigned both to the whole and partial objects.


Choose one of our predefined templates as a starting point for your publication. This will dramatically speed up the process and allow you to concentrate on the content.

Create your stunning digital publications and let the world know about them!

For detailed information about our features visit this page. Our Free plans still include many great features, including the online editor. If you have any questions feel free to contact our live chat.