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Frequently asked questions

Can I use Joomag for Free?

Absolutely! Our Free plan has many great features, including the Professional Online Editor, which can be used to create and enrich publications. And guess what? You may use this account FOREVER!

What can I upload?

Currently you can upload only PDF documents. Do not upload double page spreads as Joomag will turn your single-page document into a double-page magazine spread.

Does the Free account allow me to collect sales from hard-copies?

If you have a Free account, we'll charge your readers for the production and mailing cost. If you have a Premium account, you may set your own margin or disable the on-demand printing feature.

When I try to login it says my account is not activated. I tried resending the activation but I still have not received any emails. What should I do?

Please add our domain name to the whitelist of your mailing server to ensure the delivery of our emails to you. After that try to resend the activation email once again. If you still experience problems, contact our support department.

Which video formats are supported?

At this moment we support only FLV video format, but there are many programs in the market which convert from popular video formats to FLV format.

How to replace a page of the publication created from PDF with another one?

Please refer to the following knowledge base article: How to replace the page of the publication with the PDF.

Is there a way to make the magazine private? I don't want everyone to see it.

If you don't publish your magazine, it will stay private and only people who have the link to your magazine will be able to view it.

Do I have to purchase several accounts if I have many magazines?

No, you may still manage all your magazines from a single account. Moreover, you don't even have to purchase a premium plan for that!

How can I get a customized address for my publication?

If you want your readers to see your own domain name in the address bar, you should simply embed the magazine on your website and share that link with your readers. For more information about embedding Retrieving the HTML file of the magazine.

How do I export my magazine?

All our magazines are hosted in Cloud and require an active internet connection to load up. So it's not possible to export the magazine in a PDF format at this moment.

Why the on-demand printing feature is not available for my magazine?

At this moment we only print magazines created from a PDF file. If your magazine is created from scratch you'll not be able to provide hard-copies for now. But we have this feature in our roadmap, so stay tuned!

How to enable PDF downloading?

Please refer to the following knowledge base article: How to enable PDF downloading.

I cannot find the "Allow PDF download" checkbox in the issue settings, why?

Currently only issues created from a PDF file can be made available for download and the enrichments made to the uploaded PDF will not be reflected in the downloaded version, as we always provide the original PDF.

Why are pages of the magazine I created from PDF stretched?

The dimensions of the magazine created from PDF file are determined by the largest page of the PDF. So even if one of the pages in the PDF does not match the others, the resulting magazine will have height of tallest page in PDF and width of the widest one and pages will be stretched to fill the whole page space.

I created a PDF with a video, but it does not play after convertion. How do I handle that?

We don't process interactive PDF files at the moment, so any kind of interactive elements, including videos, will be lost after conversion to the Joomag format.

I am a Gold user, but my magazine is not available on iPad. Is there something I should do?

Please allow up to 48 hours until new magazines are optimized for iPad.

How many emails can be sent with a Platinum plan?

You may send up to 12,000 emails monthly. If you need higher volume, please contact us.

How can I delete my account?

Please contact us for processing your inquiry.

I have accidently removed all my magazines. Is there a way to restore them?

We don't keep backups of standalone accounts and won't be able to restore your magazines. We are sorry for the inconvenience and hope that you'll manage to upload the magazines once again.